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Born in Ireland we immigrated to South Africa over 20 years ago.

(The weather’s gr8t here). I’ve always loved singing and sang at weddings, etc.

About two years ago my sister and myself decided to try and write our own material.

I sent a couple of our songs to one of the smaller radio stations in South Africa,

which has a listening audience of about 80 000, to receive feedback on public opinion.

The song in question was play listed on hot rotation and peaked at number 5 on the

international Top 40 and number 1 on the South African English Top 5 – for one month.

(So far this has been our biggest achievement ) The first time I sang one of our own

compositions live was at Gold Reef City, Back Of the Moon (was home of the SA Idol)

– I received a fantastic response 2 standing ovations during the song. We’ve also managed

to get our songs out on a couple of radio stations in USA and we’re still awaiting feedback

from the stations.