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Recording artist Lindsay Bloom started her music career at the age of four doing her best impression of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Back then her stage was the counter top in her family home. There the seed was planted and now she has grown into one of the most significant indie songwriters on the music scene. As she discovered her love of performing, Lindsay got involved in the local theater community and was in countless productions throughout the city. When her teenage years approached, it looked like she'd never make it as a rap star, and Lindsay picked up the guitar. Almost immediately, she put her thoughts and feelings in the form of songs and since then has filled notebooks of catchy tunes inspired by real-life situations and experiences.

*Lindsay Bloom’s first CD “Book of My Mind” released in 2007. With this creative effort Lindsay gained recognition as a master singer/songwriter and here’s what people have to say about Lindsay Bloom…

"These songs display a rare sense of honesty and excellent songwriting and performing personality.".....

"A nice sense of entitlement and female empowerment in her lyrics”

"Amazing potential as an artist and a songwriter”

“These songs are well-written and sound.”

“I'm looking forward to hearing lots more from her in the future.”

TAXI - The World's Leading Independent A&R Company

“Lindsay Bloom allows listeners into her head to hear her most personal thoughts and feelings, and she does so in a way that almost leaves you exhausted, though still wanting more. Sure, comparisons to more-established artists like Michelle Branch, Loeb and Morissette are unavoidable, but Bloom is undoubtedly her own person, her own artist. She seems to be one of those rare artists that have something relevant to say and is also able to convey that message clearly to her listeners. Bloom is the real deal; there is absolutely no question.”  CH - WhatzUp Magazine

*Lindsay started performing at area coffee-houses and bars and soon began to gain attention from local media, producers and labels. Unfortunately the “Book of My Mind” was never released on the label Lindsay was signed to do to a contract dispute. Fortunately Lindsay was smart enough to maintain ownership of her masters. Lindsay then released the album on her own steam.

Through her diligent efforts Lindsay gained the respect of her peers and even got to perform on several local and national television programs including “Saturday Night Live”.

*Lindsay Bloom has performed all over the country at some of the most interesting venues like the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. and Sullivan Hall in New York. Lindsay’s music has been gaining the attention of local and national media, and was named “SHE Magazines” feature Indie Rock artist for the month of July. Lindsay now resides in New York and is a major part of the New York Music scene. “BOOK OF MY MIND," is available on iTunes, cdbaby, and various stores throughout the U.S.